Voiceamerica: Inside Stories for Aging with Grace w/ Sherry Anderson

Peter Tongue's Interview with Sherry Anderson. Ripening Time.

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Interview with Sherry Anderson. Ripening Time.

voiceamerica: Ripening Time.

Sherry Ruth Anderson opened one door when she co-authored The Feminine Face of God. Now she opens another. With honesty, wealth of experience, and penetrating questions, she leads us again. The issue, she says, is not to know the map of elder hood but to be the map. These writings are a rich and important resource for all who wonder how to reach the true harvest of their lives. Sherry will discuss her latest book Ripening Time: Inside Stories for Aging with Grace which is an indispensable guidebook for growing into the deep places of wisdom as we age. Her book is a harvest of shining wisdom—earthy, funny, lyrical, and very human. Maturity, Anderson says, is as complex and rich as an old-vine wine. And it is hard work—the fruit of a life lived with honesty, soul, and care for others. Stand by and for what you love, she urges, and the miracle will happen!

(voiceamerica, hosted by Peter Tongue)


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