A Woman’s Descent to the Sacred

Burning through ancient patterns in myth and culture that depict what a woman must be and what she can never be, the film tells a story through art and music of a woman’s spiritual journey into the essence of the feminine. I made this film from art and music that came as Pat Hopkins and I were traveling and speaking about “The Feminine Face of God.” The film itself grew out of a wish to inspire and support women to take time for themselves, to turn away from the pull of filling other people’s needs, and to discover the joy and resources of their true selves.
Music: “Yo m’enamori d’un aire / Las estrellas de los cielos” by Accentus Ensemble (Google PlayiTuneseMusicAmazonMP3)

Touchstones of the Sacred interview with Celedra and Sherry.

Allowing the path of aging to be a path of awakening.

Reflections on Grace in Aging

I’ve been collecting photos and art work for some years that suggest how rich a human life can be. The friendships and solitude, the wisdom and sometimes ecstasy, layered sorrow with tenderness… It’s not so easy to find images that let the soul shine through.


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