Roger Housden w/ Sherry Anderson on Ripening Time

Roger Housden speaks with Sherry Ruth Anderson about her new book, Ripening Time, and the challenges and pleasures of aging.

Roger Housden

Roger Housden. Writer. Poet. Author.

“…I imagine that what we love about summer depends on where we live. All seasons are kind in Marin County, but the summer brings more drama than usual because of the fog that curls around the headlands, slips over San Francisco and oozes into the Bay. In Larkspur, where I live, you can see the rolls of fog looming along the ridge toward Mill Valley and yet be in full sunshine all day long. My dear friend Sherry Ruth Anderson, whose new book, Ripening Time, I discuss in the audio segment below, lives just another ten minutes north where it is already several degrees hotter because the fog’s air conditioning services don’t extend that far…”



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