The Cultural Creatives

The-Cultural-CreativesThe Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World. By Paul H. Ray, PhD, and Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D, Paperback, Crown Books, 2001.

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In this landmark book, sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson draw upon thirteen years of survey research studies on more than 100,000 Americans, plus more than 100 focus groups and dozens of in-depth interviews. They reveal who the Cultural Creatives are and the fascinating story of their emergence over the last generation, using vivid examples and engaging personal stories to describe their distinctive values and lifestyles.

What makes the appearance of the Cultural Creatives especially timely is that our civilization is in the midst of an epochal change, caught between globalization, accelerating technologies, and a deteriorating planetary ecology. A creative minority can have enormous leverage to carry us into a new renaissance instead of a disastrous fall. The book ends with a number of maps for the journey that our civilization is embarked upon: initiations, evolutionary models, scenarios, and the elements of a new mythos for our time. “The Cultural Creatives” offers a more hopeful future and prepares us all for a transition to a new, saner, wiser, culture.

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Cultural Creatives are those who care deeply about humanity and are committed to saving the planet and pursuing social justice through self-actualization and/or spiritual wisdom. In contrast to Moderns (those who accept current mainstream systems) and Traditionals (those who reject current mainstream systems and look backwards for solutions), Culteral Creatives inwardly depart from the Modern materialistic worldview and seek to go beyond current systems to bridge an old way of life with a new, more sustainable, way of doing things. The book is divided into three parts: I. Introducing the Culteral Creatives (Who are they? Where do they come from? How do they compare to Moderns and Traditionals?); II. A Creation Story (Challenging the codes, Turning green, Waking up, and Embracing change); and III. Maps for the Journey (A wisdom for our time and Inventing a new culture). Readers are introduced to the personal stories of a variety of individual Cultural Creatives.

The authors have clearly done their homework and inspire hope through a saner, wiser global vision. Published in 2000, the book predates the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the recent end-of-the-Mayan-calendar hype for 12-21-12, but the message and insights remain valid more than a decade later. Surely the number of Cultural Creatives has increased well beyond 50 million now and every one of those would feel greatly encouraged after reading this book.

from Marianne Williamson, author of Healing the Soul of America

There is no way to overestimate the contribution that Ray and Anderson have made to our understanding of the times in which we live. They have put their finger on the pulse of an entire generation. Just knowing who we are, having a name as it were, gives Cultural Creatives more power to affect the world.

from Randall Hayes, Founder of the Rainforest Action Network

Written with passion, The Cultural Creatives sows seeds of ecological ethics, idealism, and economic justice. Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson have made a much-needed contribution to the good fight.

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