The Feminine Face of God

The Feminine Face of God

The Feminine Face of God: The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women, by Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins (Random House/Bantam, 1991. Also, available as an e-book).

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From the Foreword by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

The Feminine Face of God does for women’s spirituality what Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique and Carol Gilligan’s In a Different Voice did for women’s roles and women’s ethics. I believe it may have an even deeper impact on individual women who, as a result of reading it, will be profoundly changed and quietly empowered to live authentic lives. This is a book that invites women to define for themselves what is sacred, to find an indwelling source of spiritual sustenance in themselves, in communion with others, and with the divine.

Recent Reviews by Readers from the Amazon site
Classic, ever-inspiring and centering book., December 29, 2012
I’ve read this book a number of times, and given it to friends and family. It’s a treasure, a compass, a community. I highly recommend it.

Thought-provoking, wise, and encouraging, November 22, 2011
This was one of my starting points. I had transitioned from martial arts (beautiful, but definately a masculine art, as Mars is the “god of war”) into dance (a much more “Venusian” art form). However, I was just learning that the physical and the spiritual could be connected – and that dance could possibly be part of this connection pathway. “The Feminine Face of God” helped me to find my personal path.

”The Feminine Face of God” is beautiful, loving, compassionate, wise, and very wonderful. I recommend it with two thumbs up!

A Comfort and A Friend, January 27, 2009
As a woman who is on her own journey into the Feminine Divine this book is a God-send. “Feminine Face”, through the words, stories, and experiences of many women, informed me that I was not alone in my great discomfort with the religious practices I have been raised with. By allowing the reader to hear the voices of so many women from various lifestyles, ages, occupations, experiences, religious backgrounds and in varying stages of their journey, this book serves as a guide to the woman who is just starting on the path into her spirituality as well as the woman who is well on her way but may have hit a road block. Because it offers no clear-cut method for discovering the divine, “Feminine Face” encourages each woman to trust her own spirit and be empowered by finding her own way.

This book will continue to be a reference for me and I recommend it for anyone who wants to mature from being a “child of God” to an “adult of God”.

“Acceptance of one’s whole experience as the truth”, July 12, 2007
The first time I read The Feminine Face of God (a gift from a friend) I browsed around a bit, and saw a reference to the consequences of locking away the fearful experiences of our lives, and the idea that they will come pouring out, like the Furies from Pandora’s box – dangerous not because they were freed, but because they had been locked up in the first place.

When I read that, I knew that this was a book that could help shine some light in my life. Years later, and many readings later, I still feel the same way about Anderson & Hopkins’ masterpiece. It is as fresh and as timely now as it was then. And my life is richer indeed for having read it and learned from it.

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