The Wrinkles of the City, JR & José Parlá

Here you’ll find the extraordinary work of photoartist JR. In Cuba in collaboration with Cuban-American artist José Parlá. In Berlin, New York, Paris, Tunisia and so many other sites, he is exploring what he calls “transformations of personal identity” by mounting huge photos on buildings across cities. It’s stunning to see —especially— the images of people who are invisible to the culture’s eyes blown up to the size of skyscrapers and bridges. To see those eyes looking back at you. And when they are the eyes of elders… well, see for yourself! To follow this work, check out the website: Inside Out Project

Wrinkles of The City

Wrinkles of The City

For your inspiration, check out the new JR page on Artsy. At Artsy they believe that their artist pages are some of the very best resources online for art education and collection. And they’re working on making them better every day. Their newly designed page includes JR’s bio, over 50 of his works, and up-to-date listings of his exhibitions–it’s a unique JR resource. They also provide an exclusive look at JR’s studio here, as a part of their Inside the Studio series.
“If you give me Times Square, I want to give it back to the people.” -JR 

For more information regarding JR’s work, please contact Gabriel Breen at Artsy

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